Healthcare Workers

Nurses, Doctors and other Healthcare workers have been proven to lack Vitamin D. One study showed that 89% of Female Nurses were Vitamin D Deficient. Find out more

Healthcare workers have been statistically proven to be Vitamin D deficient with Find out more:

- 65% of Medical Residents
- 46% Practising Physicians
- 43% Nurses
- 44% Other Healthcare workers

All having less then normal Vitamin D levels.

Why is this?

Fatigue and the stress of the job is often associated with the lack of Vitamin D in Healthcare workers Find out more. Combined with the busy and ever-changing schedules of the job it can mean that Healthcare workers often don't get enough natural Vitamin D exposure from the sun Find out more. Even if they are working during the day, they are working long hours inside a building.

Many Nurses and Healthcare professionals complain of lack of access to Healthy/Vitamin rich food that would be quick and easy to acquire. Not only are there a lack of healthy options at night, but even during the day when in between shifts there isn't often enough time for workers to grab food quickly that has good nutritional value Find out more.

Roo will hopefully be working with healthcare vending suppliers to help make more healthy options available to NHS staff.

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