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Vitamin D Deficiency in Sports Men and Women

So how does Vitamin D have an impact on physical performance and recovery? In the human body it plays an important role with:

- Immune Function - This is how your body protects you from a variety of infections, Illnesses and diseases.
- Protein Synthesis - The ability for the cells in your body to produce protein.
- Muscle Function - Your muscles working properly is critical to your everyday life, but especially so in the case of athletes, active people, sports men and women.
- Cell Growth - Your body's ability to regenerate cells, such as mending wounds or healing itself.
- Cardiovascular Function - Vitamin D contributes to your heart staying healthy and doing its job.
- Inflammatory Response - This is your body's alarm system. If anything harmful enters your body. It's the Inflammatory responses job to let the cells in your body know where the entering danger is so that the correct cells can fix the problem.

So how does this relate to Athletes/Sports Men & Women?

Rigorous activity consistently, while good for the body in many ways, puts your body under stress. So that the human body can handle that stress without issue, all of the above functions should be maintained at a good level.

With there already being a widespread Vitamin D deficiency across the world, people are already not feeling the benefits of Vitamin D. This is even more true in Athletes who have statistically been shown to be lacking in Vitamin D Find out more, all throughout the year but especially in the winter months and depending on whether the athlete mostly trains or competes indoors or outdoors.

Strength, muscle mass, power, aerobic capacity and speed

Given Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function it's therefore not surprising that Vitamin D could improve strength and muscle mass, power and speed in people. Find out more Vitamin D has also been shown to help muscles recover faster after an intense workout and Vitamin D supplementation in Athletes has statistically reduced the risk of injury. Find out more While contrastingly a lack of Vitamin D has been linked with a negative effect on muscles, performance and an increased chance of injury. Find out more Once Injured a lack of Vitamin D has also been seen to delay rehabilitation and hinder recovery. Find out more

So statistically long term Vitamin D supplementation in Sports Men and Women who are Vitamin D deficient has been proven to:

- Increase muscle strength and mass Find out more
- Improve speed, power and aerobic capacity Find out more
- Recover quicker from Exercise Find out more
- Enable a longer participation in sport Find out more
- Positively Impact on recovery from Injury Find out more

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