Service & Night Shift Workers

Service workers such as Firemen and Nightshift workers for example taxi drivers will typically have lower Vitamin D levels due to their sporadic working hours

People who work night shifts such as Taxi drivers, Cleaner/Janitor, Bodyguard/Bouncer and Bartenders etc will likely be vitamin deficient as they are working at night while sleeping during the day and therefore won't be naturally exposed to sunlight that would give them the benefits of Vitamin D exposure. Studies recommend that night shift workers take 40mcg/1600iu a day as opposed to the average 10mcg/400iu Find out more.

Fire-fighters also work in long shifts outside of the traditional daytime schedule. Working in shifts has been proven to be detrimental to an individual's physical health due to the disruption it causes in the body's natural rhythm and cycle Find out more.

Ways in which working outside of a normal day/night cycle is detrimental for health and causes Vitamin D Deficiency Find out more:

- Lack of natural light/sun exposure

- Lack of access to vitamin rich foods (many food places open late at night are fast food places)

- Disturbed sleep cycle - naturally humans are designed to sleep at night and be awake during the day. Doing the opposite can cause stress on the body Find out more. Especially with firemen, if they sleep at the station when an emergency happens they are woken by an alarm putting their body into panic response, continued triggering of panic response causes a toll on the body.

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