Who is Vitamin D for?

For Everyone!

In short, everyone can take Vitamin D and reap the benefits of it. Generally Vitamin D is good for:

- Contributing to the normal function of the immune system
- Contributing to the maintenance of normal muscle function
- Contributing to the maintenance of normal bones
- It also has a role in the process of cell division

Global Vitamin D Deficiency

The UK, Canada, Alaska and the Nordic countries of Europe you are more likely to lack in Vitamin D due to the lack of sunshine all year round. However surprisingly countries in the Middle East and North Africa are also Vitamin D deficient. According to studies approximately 81% of people in these regions have a high rate of Vitamin D deficiency. Reasons include cultural forms of dressing which cover most of the body which prevents the absorption of Vitamin D, climate, genetics and skin colour.

What are common symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency?

- Dry Skin
- High Blood Pressure
- Digestive Problems
- Joint Pain
- Fatigue
- Immune Impairment
- Excessive Sweating

Who is most likely to suffer from Vitamin D Deficiency?

- Elderly Generation
- POC & Ethnic Minorities
- Vegan Lifestyle
- Healthcare Workers
- Night Shift Workers

Effects Vitamin D Deficiency has on the mind and body.

- Mental Health
- Physical Health

Sugar not only has a detrimental effect on your health but also reduces your body's ability to synthesize and store Vitamin D.

- Why Sugar Free

If you exhibit these symptoms please consult your GP, but it should also be made clear that some people can be Vitamin D deficient and not have these symptoms.

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