Partaking in a Vegan Lifestyle

Studies show that Vegans and some Vegetarians have an increased chance of being Vitamin D Deficient. Why?

Many people are lacking in Vitamin D, however due to a lack of consumption of eggs, fish and milk, which are a source of Vitamin D in food, Vegans have an increased chance of being Vitamin D Deficient. Foods providing the highest amount of Vitamin D per gram naturally are all from animal sources, and fortification with Vitamin D currently occurs in few foods Find out more.

In a study relating to Vegetarianism and Bone loss/Density, it was found that whilst there was no difference between Vegans and Omnivores in terms of Bone loss and Density, but that there was a prevalent Vitamin D deficiency in 73% of vegans in comparison to 46% of Omnivore studies Find out more.

This means that vegans and other commonly Vitamin D deficient people would be more likely develop things such as Find out more:

- Osteoporosis
- Bone Pain
- Muscle Weakness

A lack of Vitamin D shouldn’t be hindering you from continuing the vegan lifestyle, so please make sure you take the recommended amount of 10mcg/400iu Vitamin D a day. Not all Vitamin D supplements are Vegan, so please do your research first.

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